Magnet Cards    

Magnet cards are made of PVC and have an integrated magnet information carrier. According to the size and type of the information recorded, there are a few types of magnet tapes of various thickness (coercivity). Coercivity is an indicator of the magnet tape, whose unit is Oersted or Tesla (SI). It indicates the intensity of the magnet carrier, or the energy necessary to record the information on the magnet tape.

LoCo Low Coercivity.
A low coercivity card is the one, whose magnet carrier (tape) has 300 or 0.03 indicator. This means that during recording, electric impulses create a low magnet field. As a result, these cards are vulnerable in contact with low magnet fields. For example, the record on such a card could be destroyed by a magnet field created by a mobile phone, television etc.

HiCo High Coercivity
In high coercivity cards (HiCo), the magnet carrier (tape) has an indicator from 2750 to 3000 or 0.275 to 0.3 . In them, the recording is made with significantly higher magnetization current. These cards withstand a higher outer influence, which is why banks and bank organizations prefer them.

We have accepted the following standards for the magnet cards: position of tape 4 mm off the upper edge, width of tape 12.5 13 mm.

Types of magnet cards according to their application:

 Bank Cards
 Insurance Cards
 Identification Cards
 Key Cards for buildings, car parks, hotels
 Loyal Client Cards (collection of points)