Offset Printing    

Offset technology is used for printing brochures, catalogues, and magazines. In PVC cards production, offset printing is used for making over 1 000 pieces. It has very high quality, irrespective of black-and-white or colour printing and high productivity.

All standard colours are made out of the four main colours of Euroskala (4c Euroskala).
If necessary, additional special colours could be printed under Pantone or HKS scale. Metallic colours may be achieved through screen printing, and the combination of these two technologies lead to perfect results.

More about the technology ....
Now this cycle is often shortened: due to computers and photo-typing machines of the computer project, a positive film is made directly for copying onto the aluminum plaques. There are also solutions to obtain directly plaques in the photo-typing machines, which saves one more technological phase. Offset printing is used for printing almost all materials – newspapers, magazines, plaques, calendars, business and other cards, blanks, forms, leaflets, catalogues, annual reports, paper and other packs etc. It is often the main technology in combined technology printing.