Barcode is a combination of alternating parallel black limes of various widths. It may contain figures only, or a combination of figures and letters. Barcode is printed by a card printer.
In this way, the marked card gives it holder the possibility of automated data processing.

Graphic Printing

Personalization with graphic printing on cards include: printing of names, client numbers, bank account number, PIN, official number, ordinal number of the card, registration numbers of means of transport, right to regulated discount etc, with a card printer. The colours, font, and size of the printed information are according to the selected design of the card and printers capacity.
This personalization is made through ordinal numbering of the cards or details submitted by the clients. Printing personalization is not electronically readable. It is used only for visual information, identification of the holder and the rights it grants to him. This type of personalization is often used for pre-paid services cards and logos.

Photograph or Logo

Printing a photograph on the cards is also a type of personalization. It is made by thermal printers with multi-panel (colour) tape.
It is typically applied in identification cards, passport cards, credit cards, badges, access control cards etc.