Personalisation System 280P – emboser    

The Datacard® 280P card personalization system lets you issue attractive, durable plastic cards -- with your choice of embossed characters, magnetic stripe, smart card personalization, logos, text and bar codes -- in a fast, single-pass operation.

While the basic 280P system offers quick, quiet and reliable embossing on cards, you can add optional modules for magnetic stripe encoding, smart card personalization, color topping and printing of photos, logos, text and other graphics as your needs change. This flexible, modular design keeps your initial investment low and makes upgrades simple and affordable.

The 280P system is a natural for issuing credit, debit and ATM cards or other applications where card durability and appeal are a must -- and budget constraints are a reality.


  93-character embossing wheel
  Up to 380 cards per hour embossing
  Automatic card feed with 200 card input
  Dual operating mode (online or offline)
  Error checking software with auto-recovery
  RS-232 communications
  Two-line by 40-character message display
  Nine stored formats
  Two automatic card counters
  Exception card capability
  Password access
  Field upgradable
  Security keylock on system cabinet


  Smart card personalization
  Magnetic stripe encoding
  Color topping
  Indent printing
  UltraGrafix® printer
  WinLec® low volume batch issuance software
  Datacard® ID Works Identification software (Microsoft® Windows® 98,
Windows NT®, 2000 Professional operating system)
  327X or 5256 internal communication interface
  Print drivers for Microsoft® Windows® 95, 98, Windows NT® 4.0 and 2000
Professional operating system
  Data conversion utility software
  Variety of card input/output configurations
  User prompts in language of choice
  Pop-up keyboard
  Printer interface
  Standard or CR-50 card capability
  Security keylock on input hopper and reject stacker