Material PVC
 Laminate multi-layered, warm-pressed
 Thickness from 0.50 mm to 0.80 mm, standard 0.76 mm. (ISO standard),
contactless 0,84mm
 Size 54.0 mm 85.6 mm. (ISO standard)
 Main colours white, silver, gold etc

Apart from the main characteristic features of the cards, they could have various types, according to their structure:

 Image PVC Cards
 Magnate Cards
 Contact-free Chips

We offer three types of printing for the high quality of your card:

 Thermal printing
 Offset printing
 Screen printing

According to the application of the PVC cards, Bank Ware Ltd. produces the following types of cards:

 Bank Cards
 Identification cards
 Access Control Cards
 Loyal Clients Cards
 Pre-paid Services cards
 Promotion Cards etc.